Brockhampton Fires Founding Member Ameer Vann

Another day and another example of someone finally able to speak up and hold people accountable that are responsible for sexual abuse or assault.

Brockhampton announced today via Twitter that founding member Ameer Vann would no longer be a part of the group following allegations of multiple instances of abuse and assault.

Letter from Brockhampton 5.27.18

Although Vann admitted to being mentally and verbally abusive, he has denied any allegations of sexual abuse. But this message stands loud and clear that they are on the side of the victims stating that they “were lied to” and were “sorry for not speaking up sooner.” Pretty firm there.

What next?

I’m sure they don’t know for sure, because the group even cancelled their remaining tour dates to go home and “regroup”, which is pretty wild. They have a full calendar keeping them busy all the way through the end of the summer, so no word yet on what will happen on those dates and when fans will hear when we hear from the project again.