BREAKING NEWS : Stage Collapses at Radiohead Concert in Toronto

(Saturday, 6/16/12) A few hours ago in Toronto, Canada, while crew was setting up for tonight’s Radiohead show in Downsview Park, the stage collapsed. One person has been confirmed dead, while at least three others according to Toronto EMS have been driven to the hospital with injuries. The show tonight has been cancelled.

Reading over reports from those on Twitter suggests that there was a decent crowd lined up for the concert and they are now being asked to leave the area.

Ironically, this news comes on the 15th anniversary of Radiohead’s, OK COMPUTER.

More details as they become available.

Photo credit above to Jason (@jip88)

Update: sadly the man that died in this accident has been identified as the drum tech for the band (via BBC)… really really sad news. Our thoughts go out for the family of the deceased and anyone injured or involved in this tragic accident…