Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 18 months, you’ve probably seen (or heard) His Purpleness making waves with his fierce new three piece band 3RDEYEGIRL. Between late-night TV appearances, releasing tongue-in-cheek singles with Dave Chappelle on the cover, stealth pop-up gigs, and coming out to the world on Twitter, the internet has been abuzz with Prince news recently. All of this activity has finally culminated in the release of two new albums: Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELECTRUM. The first album is 50 minutes of solo Prince studio wizardry, updating his signature slow jams and funk flexin’ with futuruistic flourishes, while the second brings the band into the fold to share vocal duties and allow Prince to unleash his inner guitar god. If you’ve seen clips of him with 3RDEYEGIRL, then you know they’ve pushed Prince in a heavier fuzzed-out guitar direction a la Hendrix or Zeppelin, and this album captures that power trio stomp.

After years of blocking any and all Prince musical content on the interwebs (Thom Yorke Coachella fight, anyone?), lots of digital ink has been shed on his recent one-arm embrace of the internet and what it could mean. Over here at LIVE we are just happy to be able to stream the new albums on this, the official release date.

Spotify playlist below:

ICYMI: this is what a normal day in Prince’s fridge looks like.