Popular East Coast concert promoter, The Bowery Presents, has announced an expanded channel and presence on , promising lots of video content including concert webcasts, like the one they tested out last January .

They’ve partnered Show Cobra for video production, and they’ll debut their first livestream for the new channel this Friday’s sold-out show at . According to their announcement, they’ll be from 12 more shows this year as they expand the channel. It’ll be interesting to see which shows get picked for streams and this is news I can certainly get behind. Given the sheer volume of shows the Bowery folks put on each year in , there will be tons of great options for across the country.

In other news, has also announced an official YouTube channel for their popular TV video programs.

Both new channels are part of a larger imitative by to expand their base of premium channels and content from around the entertainment space. As they continue to add channels, it’ll be interesting to see what other partners they add in the side of the fence. We’ll certainly keep an eye out for new ones.

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