Bootsy Collins and Buckethead Create The Worst Halloween Song You’ve Ever Heard

It’s Halloween season so we’re not too surprised to see a new cultural crossover into the spooky and scary territory just drop, but this one may turn a few heads in the opposite direction and scare people away for how bad it is.

Bootsy Collins has teamed up with guitarist Buckethead for a scary remake of the “Monster Mash,” which is a song I really love to hear around the season, but honestly this remake is like, really, really bad.

The video is at least partially entertaining, but even then, when you realize it’s sponsored by a slots company, it requires even more head-scratching and wonder what the hell this lot of people were thinking. Ugh. I wish I had those four minutes back.

Play the video below and give it a thumbs up if you dig it, but I gave it a quick thumbs down. Sorry, baby.

Here’s the track on Amazon if you want to buy it. Maybe don’t.

Bootsy & Buckethead Monster Mash