Bonnaroo Roundup v2

Update: Check out this great Bonnaroo photo gallery posted over at Glide Magazine. Huzzah Adam Foley! has posted their reviews of Bonnaroo Day One and Days Two and Three.

Also, the NY Times’s Bonnaroo Blogger, Jon Pareles, has published an article summing up the weekend. His “journal” (just call it a blog) is great to read from start to finish, and his summary of the weekend is clear and concise.

JamBase has updated their photos from the festival. You can now view Day Three, Day Two, and Day One. Awesome. has a decent review highlighting the three days of the festival and the choices that are inherent to Bonnaroo. The Duo or Herbie Hancock? Yonder Mountain String Band or The Black Crowes?

I can easily see that Bonnaroo was a hit. I have to say that I was skeptical. I’m a huge pessimist if you don’t already know me, and I tend to think that it could get really easy for a festival like this to get out of control. Andy Gadiel does a good job of putting everyone in their place; leave the pessimism out of Bonnaroo. This is a humongous festival that has been successful every year so far. It has sold out every year. That’s hugely impressive. It must be a nearly impossible feat, and Superfly has proven that they can do it. I just wish they’d give a Vegoose announcement already.

The truth is that I’d like to see Bonnaroo to stay exactly the same. In 2004, they had decided to expand the size of the festival to include roughly 90,000. Maybe I was unhappy because that was so unexpected for me, but I think that they finally have it worked out. I don’t see too many complaints about the festival organization, which is all we can hope for. Bonnaroo should not get any bigger. It is a good size already.

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