Bonnaroo Roundup v1

Update: Check out the Bonnaroo Torrents that I’ve found so far.

I know there’s probably more than a slew of enough Bonnaroo articles to really fill any decent roundup done on the festival, so email me if you don’t see articles or photos that you might have seen elsewhere.

Andy Gadiel’s Bonnaroo blog starts with Les Claypool and Gabby La La and ends with Gabby La La. Where did Les go? Andy does a good job of keeping up with the festival while mobile-blogging his entire way around the grounds.

Nothing has been posted to yet. That’s interesting. Why not? What is taking so long? has a great page devoted to the sights and sounds (although no photos or music has been posted yet) of the festival. There were an unbelievable amount of collaborations, as expected, and it’s definitely still worth reading.

For photos so far, has trumped most everyone else from what I have found. Anyone have any good links for photos galleries they’ve seen? Leave a comment and I’ll add it to the main post…

I’ll post some download links once the tapers get cracking.