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is excited to announce that pre-sale GA, VIP and Platinum for the 2020 event will be available on Black Friday, November 29 at 12 noon ET via Bonnaroo.com.

This year, is selling more tier 1 priced , giving an even better at getting the best prices. The has incorporated many more changes and upgrades to the Black Friday event this year as well.

See below:

Payment plans for GA tickets starting at $30 down:
can their entire purchase into multiple easy payments and get a GA ticket for as as $30 down (Available during pre-sale). More info here.

New GA+ ticket:
This new ticket gives GA + attendees access to a Centeroo lounge, conditioned bathrooms, exclusive bars and food vendors, and shaded seating areas.

Revamped VIP & Platinum programs:
A reorganized campground, more bathrooms and showers, as well as added amenities are some of the ways Bonnaroo is improving VIP and Platinum programs. More info here.

Faster Venue entry (more lanes, more tolls, less waiting):
Based on popular demand, Bonnaroo is adding tolls, security, and staff as well as shifting some campground layouts to get fans parked faster. Those who arrive earlier generally will be parked closer to the venue.

Stage Improvements to Which Stage and The OTHER is going all night:
After 19 years, the felt it was time to give its second stage, aka the WHICH, a production makeover. Organizers will also be programming the OTHER stage to go all night long, right to sunrise.

New “Darkroom” tents:
The festival will now be offering new “darkroom” tents. Many options come power and conditioning. More info here.

First-time attendees can explore the once-in-a-lifetime Bonnaroo experience and learn the basics of planning their trip this step-by-step guide, or by watching this video.

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