In case you missed it, we definitively heard from the Superfly team regarding this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival lineup and how it will be released sometime “tomorrow” via Spotify. They’re going to create a playlist of the artists from the festival and I’ve now heard that it could actually be released closer to midnight tonight, so stay tuned to the Bonnaroo Staff user in Spotify to make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest official lineup info from the source.

And given that we have so little time to have our fun with the incessant chatter that occurs online surrounding every single year the Bonnaroo lineup is about to be released, I do love that The Daily Swam just ran with a purportedly “leaked” lineup poster (via Antiquiet) showing the entire artist lineup for this year’s festival. If this is indeed true, that Spotify playlist better start with the words, “Dearly, Beloved…” over a synth line and we’ll all lose our s*** imagining a music festival lineup with Prince, Phish and Radiohead as the three major headliners (sure, Red Hot Chili Peppers are great and all, but the top three are where I’d choose to focus).

Can you even imagine this?

Okay okay, so we get that this could be crap but we’re posting it anyway. Official lineup tomorrow. Yay.

This totally opens up some Phish / Prince collaborations…and I would totally go to Bonnaroo if this was the lineup. (Maybe). How about you?