If you’re not lucky enough to be heading down to , TN for this weekend’s festivities, you’ll once again have a to catch a slew of sets through the official Bonnaroo webcast. The B’roo folks have teamed up for this year’s broadcast, which will feature sets from the likes of , , , Mumphord & Sons, and , among many others. The webcast kicks off Friday at noon CT.

Also, the celebrating its tenth year in existence, they’ve created an official theme song…a bluegrass-tinge number performed by members of the Jazz Band and . Check it out:

Read on for the full webcast

Bonnaroo 2011 Webcast Schedule:

Friday, June 10th:
12:00pm –
01:00pm –
02:00pm –
03:15pm – & the Nocturnals
04:30pm – The
05:00pm –
05:45pm –
06:45pm – Florence &
08:15pm –

Saturday, June 11th:
11:30 – Del Mcoury & Jazz Band
01:00pm –
02:30pm –
04:00pm – & Union Station
05:30pm –
05:50pm –
07:00pm –
08:00pm – Mumford & Sons
09:30pm –

Sunday, June 12th:
12:30pm –
01:30pm –
02:30pm –
03:00pm –
03:30pm –
04:15pm –
05:00pm –
06:15pm – Band
06:45pm –
08:15pm –
08:45pm –

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