Bonnaroo 2007…on it’s own property.

Last year there was some speculation that Bonnaroo would eventually be moving from their land-locked love farm off I-24. “There was only a 5 year contract, etc.”

This year, though — Bonnaroo said fuggit and bought the farm, literally. It became clear to local officials that this was the plan.

Last month festival organizers asked the Coffee County Board of Zoning Appeals for a permanent conditional use permit for the property.

Yeah, I’d say that would be a good hint that the festival wants to stay put. I think this is great for the music festival circuit and it should help people that need to make plans years in advance (like me) to still get out and make plans for that early June vacation in Tennessee.

Bonnaroo buying its farm location for permanent festival site []

Update: the lineup leaked today, go here for full list of first round artists…