There are a few music festivals that stir up the rumor mill pretty hard each year, and Bonnaroo is definitely part of that group…

We haven’t been down to since my ’04 Sun Poisoning Debacle, but that still doesn’t stop us from asking the following questions…

tent cityWho’s going to headline? Who’s going to get the late-night spots? Who’d be perfect for a late-night spot that I’d like to see play? Who’s going to guest with who? What kind of bio-diesel fuel vehicles are going to show up? Who’s playing the comedy tent?

You can’t really blame the fans for this rampant pre-planning that ultimately goes nowhere; rumors are only rumors until they announce the official lineup. Given the fact that the officially lineup normally carries like 1,500 bands or something insane like that, it’s fairly easy to guess a couple music festival heavies that will surely end up on that list. The Wikipedia entry on Bonnaroo is normally our guide here: My Morning Jacket, Guster, Tea Leaf Green, Ryan Adams, Wilco, etc.

You have to assume that at least half of those bands will get added in the end, which could be partially due to the fact that the Wikipedia entry is already brimming with rumors that is most certainly aware of already. “Oh — they think is going to be there. Hmm…did we talk to his people yet?”

that tent bonnaroo 2004Or maybe, just maybe — they say “Oh…they think we’re booking ? Just to show them up, we’ll book instead…”

Who the hell knows, really. It’s all half-assed speculation at this point until that lineup actuallys gets posted.

One thing is certain, though — my inbox keeps filling up with the hopes and dreams of other fans that think one major headliner will surely turn heads when they’re announced as one of the big dogs on the bill: . I’ve got it on fairly good authority that they’re going to be there, but for now, call it what it needs to be called — a rumor.

I’ll update the *for sure, bra*‘s as they come in…

(updated today with early lineup leak)…

& the Innocent Criminals


Damien Rice

Gov’t Mule
& the Melody Makers




Sasha & Digweed


Fountains Of Wayne

Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
Aesop Rock
The Band

RX Bandits

Martha Wainright

in Dearland
Charlie Louven
Sonya Kitchell

Uncle Earl

The Little Ones