Bon Iver's arena tour has been pretty visually stunning, and the Forum in LA was the perfect venue to show it off. | Photos © &

Bon Iver is currently in the midst of his United States tour supporting his new LP, i,i, and Sunday night’s show at The Forum in Los Angeles, the last show for a few weeks, looks to be pretty impressive based on the setlist and videos that rolled in. I was lucky enough to catch the Red Rocks show a few weeks back and it was a stunner, and the Sunday Forum show seemed to leave people on Twitter speechless just the same.

If we’re to believe, it looks like he also busted out a bit of the Grateful Dead he’s been listening to lately for the West Coast audience as well, working in a “Dark Star” like jam out of the song “Salem.”  Not sure I’m hearing what the setlist writer was hearing, but I’ll let a Dead expert tell me otherwise. Check it out below.

Bon Iver - Salem - The Forum 2019

Scroll down to see the setlist, videos and tons more ‘grams from the show.

Bon Iver @ The Forum 9.15.2019 We

Bon Iver @ The Forum 9.15.2019 Re: Stacks

Bon Iver - 666 ʇ (Live at The Forum, Los Angeles)

Bon Iver - Blood Bank (Live at The Forum, Los Angeles)

Bon Iver @ The Forum 9.15.2019 Towers

BON IVER Hey, Ma @ The Forum

BON IVER @ Great Western Forum 715 - Creeks

Bon Iver @ The Forum 9.15.2019 Naeem

Bon Iver - Jelmore - The Forum 2019