Bob Weir Teases Shows Live Over Internet, Then Shows at TRI Studios Once Social Distancing Relaxes

On last night’s Shakedown Stream pre-show chat ahead of the weekly Grateful Dead livestream with archivist David Lemieux, Gary Lambert and special guest Bob Weir, the usual hosts asked Bobby about how he’s been staying creativity during the social distancing period. Bob’s answer was pretty incredible.

First, he said he was working on a book, an opera, some orchestral stuff, and randomly learning Adobe Photoshop, all while his band’s were on “moth balls.” But then he mentioned that he’s working on something new.

Given that musicians have been forced to socially distant, Bob mentioned that all of the “livestream” videos you’ve been seeing have been pre-recorded and stitched together after the fact. He said he wanted to actually play live, and that he and fellow Wolf Bros drummer Jay Lane had already started jamming together live over an internet connection, latency be damned. Not sure what they’re using to get it done, and he said his bassist in San Diego (Don?) was a bit too latent and may be too far away to get it done, but well, he was close to figuring it out and promised we could see something on this soon.

David Lemieux then threw out the question about whether or not we could see shows hosted at Bob’s TRI Studios in Marin County, and Bob confidently answered that it was all part of the plan as the reopening phases are introduced in California. He said that could happen and they could even offer up the space to other bands as well, noting that they were ahead of the curve to have a spot like that already built given that concerts themselves won’t likely return to 2021.

Excited to see what comes out of this, and for now just consider it a tease and make sure you watch this pre-show chat.

Shakedown Stream Pre-Show with Dave & Gary featuring Bob Weir (5/8/20)