Blog Updates

If you tried to access this site anywhere from 1am-10am this morning, you were probably greeted with something that read, “This account has been suspended,” which just makes me look like some wanker. It appears that the spammers had their way with my comment script last night and completely overloaded the server that I host this site on.

I can assure you that this decision does not come lightly but it has to be done–all commenting on the blog is now shut off. I’m not happy that it has to be this way, but there’s just no way I’m going to a dedicated server for a lot more money each month just to make sure that spammers can have their way with my blog. I ain’t going out like that.

I will eventually bring them back, albeit much more controlled and Typekey-powered as you saw me change to recently. I really am bummed and I’m going to work to build a back-end that can support this behemoth as quickly as possible.

Oh yeah, and I made some minor design tweaks. The permalink is now the “date” at the bottom of every post. If and when you see that comments are open, you’ll notice a link right after it. The tags are now the “filed under…” string under the post name. I removed the recent comments. That’s about it, actually. Let me know if you think it looks stupid.

Have a good weekend!