Blog PSA: Register to Vote

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We’re going to take a moment from our regularly scheduled programming to drop a little call-to-action that I’d hope our whole audience can really get behind.

Have you registered to vote yet? I still need to fill out my paperwork considering I just made the move out West, but I’ve at least started the process. Sadly, I still know some people that don’t ever vote or don’t ever care to get involved in this process. You can bet that all of these same people have certainly complained about our current standing President at some point over the past seven years, and rather than let it irk me I’m using that as motivation to help spread the good word that this is something that’s easier than people assume it to be. You can even signup when you go see your favorite band on tour this summer, thanks to HeadCount’s latest artist partnerships…

My Morning Jacket, Santana, Wilco, Ani DiFranco and The Decemberists have also become aligned with the organization, joining longtime supporters such as Dave Matthews Band, The Allman Brothers Band and members of The Grateful Dead and Phish. HeadCount’s army of volunteers will stage voter registration drives at over 1,000 concerts this year, with a goal or registering at least 100,000 voters.

If you haven’t already, please sign up to vote and stop bitching about not being able to do anything with your voice and how you never get your way. You can vote…and then you can complain that the system sucks! Then, at least you can say that you’re participating.

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