Blog PSA: Help Lee Bender Battle Hospital Bills

Before I finish up our summer posting schedule with the standard “whoah, man — we’re on hiatus” post I’ve whipped up, I thought I’d drop a link for a good cause that came my way that might actually help said good cause.

My bro Tim is good friends with a dude named Lee Bender, a pivotal player in the Arizona skateboarding scene. Lee was just recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to spend six days in the hospital without any form of medical insurance in his name. A few friends have thrown together a t-shirt sale that features some of Lee’s art, and all profits are going to go straight to Lee’s pocket to help him with the mountain of medical bills he’s surely facing.

For $15, you can buy a t-shirt and help a dude that has chosen to live his life following his passion, something that’s always worth supporting wherever possible. I already bought mine. Go to and buy one if you’re interested. Anything will help at this point.


Photo © Ty Bush