Black Lives Matter Gets a Grateful Dead ‘Steal Your Face’ Emblem

Grateful Dead fans have long been known for their lives away from the music and into the world of activism, and this year’s Black Lives Matter protests have shown us that the scene can step up and raise funds and awareness in a big way. The last few Shakedown Stream and One More Saturday Night livestream events have raised money for causes close to the movement, and people have been out in the streets marching and representing the lot in new and creative ways.

Speaking of which, Devendra Banhart, known Deadhead and talented musician in his own right, brought an extra special sign to the protests this past weekend that Dead fans would just love to see and show solidarity from the entire fan base.

Check this out:

Steal Your Black Lives Matter

He had another one that caught my eye the other day as well.

Cops DO need to do ayahuasca

“Cops Need To Do Ayahuasca” may be one of the best signs I’ve ever seen. #BLM

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