The initial lineup for Warren Haynes’ annual Xmas Jam was announced last week, and as part of that first set of artists was a new name that none of us had seen before called Billy and the Kids. Besides listing the artists in that project, there wasn’t anything else released officially yet until we heard from Kreutzmann today.

Music is an adventure. Jams are a journey. And my new band, Billy and the Kids, will take you there. Introducing: Aron Magner on keys, Reed Mathis on bass, and Tom Hamilton on guitar, with additional special guests and surprises along the way. Debuting December 13th at Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam in Asheville, NC. So get in the groove and let the good times roll!!

Your host,
Bill Kreutzmann (aka Bill the Drummer.)

No doubt we’ll see more than just a one-off show considering they designed a logo and everything. We’ll have more on this as they reveal it to us, but we’re excited about the prospects big time. We’ve always been a fan of Aron Magner’s trippy synth work, Reed Mathis’ work on anything, and Tom Hamilton is recently infused with the spirit of the Dead big time through Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. This will definitely be interesting to see how they recreate some of the Dead catalog that will no doubt be a big part of their repertoire.