This Big Lebowski Grateful Dead “Steal Your Face” Mashup Shirt Really Ties the Room Together

There are quite a few communities that started on the internet that have some bit of the Grateful Dead‘s history to thank for their fervent rise. I mean, let’s face it — Deadheads basically invented the concept of being a die-hard fan. We’ve rehashed it so many times on this blog but it always still seems worthy of mention; there is no greater community to find yourself a part of the jamband community and the throngs of people that got this whole thing started for us by following the Grateful Dead starting in the 60’s and beyond.

Somehow I think this Grateful Dude t-shirt is a reference to that, coming courtesy of the Lebowski Fest community, the group of fans that started a festival to honor their favorite film (and one of the greatest films ever made, for that matter) — The Big Lebowski.

New shirt has come to light for all the Grateful Dead fans out there. This whole Truckin’ thing…

The first batch sold out fast but we printed another run so grab one here!

While I don’t think it has much to do with the movie other than a connection to the fan communities, I think we could all agree that Jerry and The Dude would have gotten along pretty damn well.

Mind if I do a J?
The Dude abides…

BONUS: we can’t mention The Big Lebowski without mentioning how perfect the use of this Bob Dylan song was in the opening montage…

Bob Dylan - The Man in Me (The Big Lebowski version)