Last night in , attended the show at along with longtime pal and lyricist, (@TomMarshall111). Marshall tweeted out a few interesting photos, one of Trey and Chris Kuroda and another of a crew member’s t-shirt with an altered logo spelling out Bieber instead of . Has helped plant the seeds to Phish’s gag next month? Trey and Tom were presumably guests of Bieber’s guitar player and director, . Kanter, an avid Phish fan invited Justin to the Long Beach, CA Phish show in August. Time will tell but we may be heading towards the most controversial Phish gag of all time if it is indeed Bieber-infused. continued his teasing of Phish songs during the show last night. Marshall tweeted: “Phish songs teased by Bieber’s band tonight: 2001, First Tube, Sand and Waste! Thanks Dan”.

Actress, Lindsay Lohan was also in attendance last night, but the two gingers were not seen hanging out. Good thing, because Lohan got into a fight after the show apparently. Here are the tweets Tom Marshall (@TomMarshall111) sent out last night which have already spread like wildfire amongst the Phish community:

Less than a month until #YEMSG

ARCHIVES: A Timeline of the Phish / Justin Bieber Crossover

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