Phish @ Red Rocks, 7/30/09

By , most hardcore are familiar the Spreadsheet,” the massive Docs Spreadsheet that some enterprising created as a comprehensive list of download links to ’s concert recordings…like, ALL of them. From their entire career. The links listed only include audience recordings, so as not to run afoul Phish’s own downloads service, which offers the soundboard recordings. If you’ve not yet checked it out, be forewarned, it’s massive.

I’ve been aware of the above spreadsheet for quite some time, but I just recently came across a new “Phish list project” that takes things to an even geekier level. This one is simply called Best Phish Jams and is a similar attempt to create a comprehensive list of the best possible jams and improv segments in Phish’s history. The project appears to be in its infancy according to this recent thread on Phantasy Tour.

As a fan who likes to dabble in mixing together a band’s best improv segments into podcasts, I found this budding project to be pretty intriguing, and I’d love to see this kind of for any number of bands that allow taping (if you know of any, send them our way!).

By the way, if any of those enterprising PT dudes are reading, here’s my quick contribution to the list: 6/29/00 Drowned > Rock’n’Roll (which we covered for Phish Friday a while back). So good.

Happy Downloading!

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