Ben & Jerry’s Announces New Phish Flavor “It’s Ice…Cream”

We had started to see a few grumblings about this on Twitter this weekend and wanted to know what was up, and sure enough today we have full confirmation: Ben and Jerry’s has just released a new Phish flavor of ice cream celebrating our favorite foursome from Vermont.

Introducing… It’s Ice…Cream! Yay! 🍦

You’ll notice right away that Jim Pollock was also tapped for the artwork, which is now available as a print in their online store.

Get a look at this beauty!

Here is the official announcement from the source….

We’re pretty lucky around here — for the last 21 years, we’ve had a partnership with one of our favorite bands, Phish, to make great ice cream and great music come alive for our fans. When Phish Food launched way back in 1997, we had no idea it would become such a rockin’ fan favorite. A portion of the proceeds from the flavor go to the Waterwheel Foundation, the band’s non-profit organization that supports causes such as clean water, land conservation, urban gardening, and more. Now that’s even sweeter than those marshmallow swirls!

As awesome as Phish Food is, we wanted to do even more with our friends in the band. Last year we created the flavor Freezer Reprise to commemorate the Baker’s Dozen, Phish’s 13-night run at Madison Square Garden. Fans loved it, so this year we’re making Phish magic again with Phish’s It’s Ice . . . Cream. To make this flavor, we dug way back into our archives to when we first created Phish Food in the mid-1990’s. This flavor combination was one that we considered for Phish Food, but that ultimately didn’t make the cut.

Some more photos of what this thing looks like in the wild…

Head here to pick up some pints or for the Pollock print.