Ben & Jerry’s Creates Special Phish Freezer Reprise Flavor for Baker’s Dozen Run

Phish is set to return to the stage tomorrow in Chicago, but today fans on the East Coast are getting a bit more stoked about the Baker’s Dozen run fast-approaching. And some of those famous Phish fans that we all love so well, Ben & Jerry’s, have decided to get in on the action by releasing a new flavor called Freezer Reprise, set to debut at the Baker’s Dozen run on July 21st for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Well, that’s mostly true, but check out the video first before you find out why…

In the post introducing the flavor, we got an official confirmation of sorts that the run will be webcast by the band, although it’s not confirmed if it’ll be the ENTIRE run or maybe just the final shows.

The flavor, sweet cream ice cream with a vanilla glaze, chocolate donut swirl, chocolate donut pieces, and fudge fish, will be available at the opening night of the run, July 21st, at an event just outside Madison Square Garden and on August 6th at a special webcast of the concert at Three Needs Taproom & Brewery in Burlington, VT. So start making your plans, because this flavor won’t last long!

So it’s available TWO nights with a webcast to boot! And there will be a t-shirt designed by Jim Pollock!

So excited!

We’re Honoring Phish With Limited Edition Flavor, “Freezer Reprise” to Mark Their 13-Night Run at Madison Square Garden [Ben & Jerry’s]