has announced and released a new track called “Tarantula”. Don’t get this track confused with the seminal drum and bass work from , this track below is very, very different. And absolutely beautiful.

It’s actually reimagining of a 1982 B-side by a band called Colourbox, and it “replaces the minimalist groove of the original with an epic arrangement by in collaboration with his father, David Campbell. A riveting vocal performance is, as ever, the centerpiece, with the backing of a 24-piece ensemble.” And is on the track, too.

Beck Hansen: vocals, piano, bass, synthesizer
: bass
Ilan Rubin: drums
Leslie : vocals
Alex Lilly: vocals
Strings Arranged by David Richard Campbell and Beck Hansen
Produced by Beck and mixed by Tom Elmhirst

Check out the song below via . The track can be found on the the compilation Music Inspired By The Film ROMA (Alfonso Cuarón) which is due out February 8th.

You can pre-order that release here.

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