Beck has announced and released a new track called “Tarantula”. Don’t get this track confused with the seminal drum and bass work from Pendulum, this track below is very, very different. And absolutely beautiful.

It’s actually reimagining of a 1982 B-side by a band called Colourbox, and it “replaces the minimalist groove of the original with an epic arrangement by Beck in collaboration with his father, David Campbell. A riveting Beck vocal performance is, as ever, the centerpiece, with the backing of a 24-piece ensemble.” And Feist is on the track, too.

Beck Hansen: vocals, piano, bass, synthesizer
Jason Falkner: bass
Ilan Rubin: drums
Leslie Feist: vocals
Alex Lilly: vocals
Strings Arranged by David Richard Campbell and Beck Hansen
Produced by Beck and mixed by Tom Elmhirst

Check out the song below via Spotify. The track can be found on the the compilation Music Inspired By The Film ROMA (Alfonso Cuarón) which is due out February 8th.

You can pre-order that release here.