Because They’re Hardcore | Bisco Kids Get Defensive

After this year’s Jam on the River lineup was recently announced, a local Philly blog took a little jab at the jammier tendencies of headlining band, the Disco Biscuits. What seemed like a standard swipe at the hippie jamband scene took a different track when hardcore Bisco fans chimed in with some lengthy responses explaining why they love the band. Some of the responses are brash, unapologetic, and — dare I say — almost eloquent, while others are just plain funny.

A few quotes that stood out:

The Disco Biscuits are not for the casual fan. They are for the hardcore fan.


Let’s get the vocals out of the way right now. They can’t sing. I know that, they know that, and soon enough you will too. But stay with me here, if you get past that, and can let your mind delve into the music that is supporting those crappy vocals, you will find 4 musicians who bridge the divide between rock and rap, trance and jazz, electro and orchestral.


In the world of patchouli-smelling and nugget-smoking noodle-dancers (hippies, that is…of both the genuine and pseudo variety) the Disco Biscuits are the derelict bastard-child – the dark and gritty element that offers contrast to a music scene full of unicorns, hula-hoops and fans that would, quite honestly, put a funnel to their ears to catch every drop of j*** from Trey Anastasio’s c***.