Beats Music Launches in January, Reserve Your Username Now

beats-logo-relaxedAccording to TechCrunch and HypeBot, the Beats Music streaming service will be launching sometime in January, 2014. You can head over to to reserve your username on the service and they’re encouraging the customers to head over to the new service to stay up on it when it becomes available.

Beats Music is the project that Ian Rogers, founder of TopSpin Media, has been putting time into lately, and it includes a star-studded set of backers and partners that will surely contribute to at least nominal success at launch, regardless of how good the product is or not. Beats by Dre bought last year and this is the intended byproduct of that acquisition, so they already have something to build on top of. And Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor don’t typically put their name behind s*** product, and Ian’s success with TopSpin should prove that he knows what he’s doing here.

The new Beats Music streaming music service will launch January 2014, according to CEO Ian Rogers. The service also launched a ‘name claiming’ site today that lets you snag a primo username early.

beats music reserve your name

With Spotify’s recent investment and a new announcement coming on December 11th, it seems like early 2014 will be an interesting time to test out which streaming service might be best for you. Personally I’ve loved the time I’ve spent with Spotify, but like all services they immediately lose me when they remove tracks I want to listen to forever or when they don’t offer up an artist I can readily get somewhere else. It’ll be interested to see how it shakes out.

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