Beastie Boys Releasing “Sabotage” on Tiny 3″ Vinyl for Record Store Day 2019

To help mark the 25th anniversary of the Beastie Boys seminal classic Ill Communication, the band just announced that the “good folks” behind Record Store Day are teaming up with them to put out a limited edition 3″ single of “Sabotage”.

How do I get one of those RSD3 mini-turntables?!

The classic Beastie Boys track gets the tiny treatment, coming out on a 3″ single made for the RSD3 mini-turntable. Only in record stores, starting on 7/19 and only while they last (and with only 2500 produced, that won’t be long!)

It’ll be available at independent record stores on July 19 for more info. Only 2500 will be made. Very rare. Very awesome.