Beastie Boys in 2007

Coming off the news on the Sasquatch 2007 Music Festival lineup, I’m actually quite surprised that more people aren’t talking about the fact that the Beastie Boys were slated as one of the headliners there.

They do have some plans after Sasquatch, too…

Next the band will kick off their European dates by headlining the Alive Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, June 10. Other stops on the group’s schedule so far are the Efes Pilsen One Love Festival in Istanbul June 17; two German outings, the Hurricane Festival in Scheesel June 22 and the Southside Festival in Neuhausen June 24; the “Rock Werchter Festival” in Belgium June 28 and the Heineken Festival in Gdynia, Poland, June 30.

What are they doing this year? New album? New stage presence? Puppets? I’m curious.

And I say that I’m curious because I’m really hoping the boys return in a stronger fashion than what we saw last time on their To the 5 Boroughs Tour. The prior tour promoting Hello Nasty, done “in the round” on a circular, LP-looking stage, was easily one of the best shows I saw during my young tenure (back in 1998?). Sure, the last show I saw was good and all but it just didn’t have that same intensity that it should have. I have to believe that HOB knows something we don’t and that’s why they decided to book them for the festival, so here’s hoping that others have some details on what their plans are this year and what they’re going to do to wow audiences in 2007.

The Beastie Boys will probably always be one of my favorite groups and I know there are a lot of readers of this site that grew up with this band as I did. Let’s hope they have something new to bust out.

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