Beastie Boys Go Instrumental | More Album Talk From Mike D.

I think Mike D. just read my mind! Or, even better, maybe he read my post?

All kidding aside….Pitchfork just posted a story called “Mike D Talks New Beastie Boys Instrumental Album,” with some new details from Mr. D. on the band’s upcoming release, The Mix Up. Not only did they reveal that it will be a “post-punk instrumental” album, they also mentioned this:

Mike joked that they plan to use some of their festival dates to expand their fanbase. “We’re trying to really cross over into the whole jam band, Bonnaroo, Government– what’s it?– Gov’t Mule? That whole genre. We can play up the jam band [aspect], have a hacky sack tent. The ‘Hack Sack Hand’… ‘Sack Hand State Fair’, we’re going to be performing at. We’re going to be performing at a lot of state fairs and a lot of pie-eating contests, too.”


Just a few days ago, I wrote about my love for Beastie Boys instrumentals. I also wrote that I’ve long felt that they should go all-instrumental and tour as some sort of wierd jamband. Well, this is pretty darn close! Now, I won’t go so far as to say “I called it” or suggest that Mike D. really reads Live Music Blog, but this news certainly got my brain churning. It’s also some pretty entertaining stuff from Mike D….a “hacky sack tent?” Hilarious.

Mike D Talks New Beastie Boys Instrumental Album [Pitckfork]