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A few weeks ago, we got some email updates from one of my all-time favorite bands, the Beastie Boys.

Say what you will about white-boy hip hop or their latest lackluster studio effort, To the 5 Boroughs, there is no denying that the remain one of the most influential bands of the past two decades. They’ve always tried their best to remain relevant to new music and it looks like they’re trying something new this year — “instrumental-only” shows.

First, here’s the word straight from the band…

here’s a few things you might wanna know about..

1. we have a new record coming out
2. it’s gonna be sick
3. we’re playing a bunch of shows this summer (see below)
4. they’re gonna be sick
5. we’re gonna play some instrumental only shows also… (you know..drums..bass..guitar..keyboard..percussion..)
6. better call your doctor..cause they’re gonna be sick
7. it’s gonna be a gala event
8. we’re changing up the website…sick
9. got new gear coming soon…again…sick..
10. go see a tailor and get tapered up…

see you soon….beastie boys

When I first read #5, I literally almost jumped out of my chair. The largest reason for that being the fact that I actually half-predicted / half-hoped on this long before they announced it. And then I started looking at the logistics to get me to the 2007 Sasquatch Festival.

To me, their instrumental side has always been the most impressive part of their music. I got a copy of The In Sound from Way Out a long time ago and it’s on my work laptop, , home PC, etc. In other words, I’d call it quintessential to my overall music listening landscape.

Also, I’ve seen them twice and the fondest memories I have from both shows involve the instrumental tracks. I saw them in 2004 and here’s what I had to say then…

After the original hip hop mini-set, ran off stage and we got to witness some hot on turntable action in his second major solo of the night. Boom! “Sabrosa” starts and the sweet, backyard barbeque stage rotates around to front and center for the instrumental mini-set featuring a full costume change. This was tight, closing it out with “Something’s Got to Give,” one of my personal .

It’ll be awesome to see how their return turns out. Anyone else excited?

Beastie Boys | 2007

May 26th – ,
Beastie Boys – A Gala Event – Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets: www.ticketmaster.com/artist/860071
Information: www.sasquatchfestival.com

May 27th – ,
Tickets: www.ticketmaster.com/artist/860071
Information: www.sasquatchfestival.com

June 10 – Alive Festival – Lisbon, Portugal
Tickets and Festival Information: www.everythingisnew.pt

June 14th –
Beastie Boys – A Gala Event – Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets and Festival Information: www.sonar.es

June 15th –
Tickets and Festival Information: www.sonar.es

June 17th – One Love Festival – Istanbul, Turkey
Tickets: www.biletix.com
Festival Information: www.pozitif.info/2004/en/

June 22nd – Hurricane Festival – Scheessel, Germany
Tickets and Festival Information: www.hurricane.de

June 24th – Southside Festival – Neuhausen, Germany
Tickets and Festival Information: www.southside.de/

June 26th – Zenith – , France
Headline Show
Tickets: www.fnacspectacles.com

June 28th – Rock Werchter Festival – Belgium
Festival Information: www.rockwerchter.be

June 30th – Heineken Festival – Gdynia, Poland
Tickets and Festival Information: www.opener.pl

July 1st – Heineken Festival – Gdynia, Poland
Beastie Boys – A Gala Event – Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets and Festival Information: www.opener.pl

July 3rd – Quart Festival – Kristiansand, Norway
Tickets and Festival Informaton: www.quart.no

July 6th – Roskilde Festival – Denmark
Tickets and Festival Information: www.roskilde-festival.dk

July 11th – Moon & Festival – Locarno, Switzerland
Tickets on sale March 29th. Ticket link: www.ticketcorner.com

July 13th – Exit Festival – Novi Sad, Serbia
Tickets: www.exitservices.co.yu
Festival Information: www.exitfest.org

July 14th – Nuke Festival – Vienna, Austria
Tickets and Festival Information: www.nuke.at

August 31st – Connect Festival – Inverary Castle, Scotland
Tickets and Festival Information: www.connectmusicfestival.com

September 8th – Bestival – Isle of Wight,
Tickets and Festival Information: www.bestival.net

September 9th – Bestival – Isle of Wight,
Beastie Boys – A Gala Event – Exclusive Instrumental Show
Tickets and Festival Information: www.bestival.net

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