Just got an email from the Beastie Boys this morning with the subject “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM.” Inside was a link to the Beastie Boys homepage, where a video is now shown with Adrock and MCA sitting behind a mixing board. Quickly the video turns somewhat somber and “heavy” as Adam Yauch (MCA) describes that he was just diagnosed with cancer in a gland in his neck. The announcement goes further that it seems to be good news in that the cancer will be treatable with surgery, but as a result the Beastie Boys will have to push back the release of their new album and cancel some dates in the near future.

Yauch Announcement [YouTube]

I was really looking forward to seeing them in their headlining spot at Outside Lands this year, but obviously the man’s health needs to take serious priority. Let’s all think good thoughts and wish him and the band a speedy recovery.