By now you’ve probably seen the news on or PT that the cops are going to be coming down hard on Phish fans are they make their way into Sara for the two-night run at starting this Saturday. The band is playing two nights in Hart before arriving in but the Sara police squad has already made it widely known that they’re going to be cracking down on folks arriving to see the show. They did this recently when Matthews Band rolled through town.

Police to harsh Phish fans’ mellow []

Here’s the deal, dudes and dudettes: Uniformed and plainclothes officers and investigators will be on the prowl looking for violatiors of the law. They will include make arrests, issue , impound vehicles, confiscate and discard alcoholic beverages and eject violators from the park and concert venue. Passive alcohol screening devices (Alco-Sensor FSTs ) will be used to detect alcohol in unmarked containers. Drug detecting canines will be on-site. “Investigators and police officers equipped with instruments designed to detect alterations to identification documents will be on site looking for underage persons using fraudulent identification documents. Possession of fraudulent driver licenses or other documents issued by government agencies is a serious offense that can lead to arrest, prosecution and loss of driving privileges.”

Note that tickets are still available for Sunday’s show. Read more: Coventry Music,

All I can say, be smart out there, folks. Adapt and be smart about how you’re pre-gaming and you’ll have a lot of Enjoy the idea that you’re seeing on a beautiful Saturday night.