BATTLES Release New Video “Fort Greene Park”

© Atiba Jefferson

The newly re-minted experimental rock duo Battles just released a new album called Juice B Crypts on Warp Records, and yesterday a new video debuted for the single “Fort Greene Park,” which you can watch below.

The video was directed by Colin Read and shows the band winding their way through the city surrounded by “a small army of skaters, cyclists, joggers, scooterists, rollerbladers, and veritably every other method of self-transport” like how they’re being towed to play along. As with their music has shown over the years, there’s a bit of seriousness in part of how the band presents themselves that is often hilariously balanced with clear evidence that they aren’t taking themselves all that seriously either.

Check out the video here. Love it.

Battles - Fort Greene Park (Official Video)