I’m a big Bill Hader fan, and I’m a big Phish fan, so hey, I tend to point things out if I see them mentioned in the same sentence.

Turns out the Barry comedian used to be a phan but haha rofl maybe not totally for all for all the right reasons.

Pitchfork recently published a sit-down with Hader and asked him about some of his musical upbringing and what music is important to him.

If you wanted to hang out with the girls in my high school during junior and senior year, you had to listen to Phish and Dave Matthews Band and Blues Traveler. Grateful Dead was huge. But especially Phish. It was all about Phish.

Hah! It was all about the ladies and clearly not the extended “Tweezer” jams, which I guess sorta makes sense even though it’s not often that you hear that dudes get into Phish for the girls.

He went on to say he was a bit into Phish and other Tier 2 jambands at the time like Dave Matthews Band and Blues Traveler, but then someone got him hooked on Radiohead.

I listened to Phish, and it was fine. But then I left Tulsa and moved to Arizona for a little bit [for community college]. When I was there, I had a friend get in my car and put on OK Computer, and I went, “What is this?” And he was like, “Oh, this is Radiohead.” I was like, “Oh, you mean ‘Creep’? That band?” I bought OK Computer the next day and just listened to it in my car, driving around. I was like, “This is awesome.”

If you’re a moody teenager wondering if you should make a career out of your passion or not, it’s probably Radiohead that may have resonated a bit more with you there over jambands, which are a bit more in tune with letting you cares be free and living while you’re young and all that good stuff.

Season 2 of Barry is happening now and episode two airs tonight, April 7th, 2019.

Barry: Season 2 | Official Trailer ft. Bill Hader | HBO

I wonder if Charlie Day moved on from Phish and into a Radiohead phase next.