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The crew at Bandcamp recently announced an awesome new endeavor that will support the Bay Area in a great new way — a new record store!

The company will open a record shop and performance space in Oakland, and they’ll be hosting all-ages shows and well as show off some of the physical versions of their big Bandcamp catalog, a lot of releases that would have never had a chance to get pressed and shown off in public.

We’re thrilled to join the thriving Oakland arts community that includes artists and labels like The Seshen, Jay Stone, n5MD, and Slumberland Records, and our new neighbors the Fox Theater, The New Parish, The Paramount Theatre and Starline Social Club (to name a few). We’re also partnering with amazing local organizations like Oakland School for the Arts, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, and Transgender Law Center (check out last year’s fundraiser) to throw music-focused community events.

I’m a big fan of this idea. Oakland has expanded as the artistic enclave right next to San Francisco and we’re always happy to see the community putting the money back into the system. Plus I grew up seeing tons of all-ages shows at punk rock clubs and it’s a vital part of a youngsters musical intelligence to get to hang out with the older people running the scene. Can’t wait to see what comes of this, and if you’re in Oakland on Friday, February 1st, you’ll be able to check this out as it opens.

Their opening celebration will feature Bells Atlas, Sol Development, Queens D. Light, Jazz on the Sidewalk, and MJ’s Brass Boppers all slotting time to perform, and all ages are welcome.

© Bandcamp/Richard Morgenstein

Bandcamp Record Store

1901 Broadway
Oakland, CA