This is killer.

Today, return to share a special collaboration multi-faceted Congolese artist . Residing in Düsseldorf, Germany, the Congolese dancer and artist used BBNG’s “Cashmere” in a performance and later reached out to the Canadian jazz quartet about making a full-length video. The group immediately agreed and the resulting video is a moving portrait of a romance interrupted by the violence and political turmoil that has defined the Democratic of Congo since civil war first broke out there over 30 years ago.

Playboy got to exclusively premiere the video and had this to add:

His version of the song tells the story of a schoolboy romance interspersed shots of the performer popping across a miminally decorated room, attending church, walking through the countryside and wooing a female crush. This serenity is short-lived however, as the second half of the video shifts to scenes of rebel soldiers attacking and beating civilians. “I was born and raised in Germany, but my parents escaped the civil war back then,” Ocscor explains in an email to . “That was about 30 years ago and it’s still going on.”

Check out the video below.

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