is out today with his new single from his upcoming , PLANET’S MAD, this time a heavy bouncer called “REACHUPDONTSTOP” that comes with a new visual as well. Watch it below. The new drops everywhere on platforms this coming June 5th.

Harrison Rodrigues, the Portuguese New Yorker, raised, 2x Platinum producer known as has spent the last 6 years releasing big tracks with big names (, Swae Lee, Missy Elliot, Elle Fanning. Jennifer Lawrence, , , Lil Miquela, etc…), but on the forthcoming sophomore album Planet’s Mad he’s made an album rooted in the crossover acts he grew up listening to: , , , , Jaxx and . His music is loud and perfectly produced – showing flashes of modern hip hop and pop cutting through the boisterous electro, techno and breaks – Planet’s Mad sounds like nothing else, and yet the project encompasses the digital culture we live within. The music tracks with a story written by where a mystical glowing planet appears just above . Not knowing what to do – strange groups form to worship the planet, while others rally to destroy it. On the alien planet though, we meet a world of happy and funky creatures. The planet is Harry’s album: the loud and strange creation of . And the people going mad back on act as metaphor for social media, where stans war with critics as tracks go viral.

Here’s the vid:



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