The official for the Austin City Limits Festival won’t be released until Thursday morning, but here’s a sneak peek on this glorious Wednesday night:

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

For those of you lucky enough to be headed down to ’s Zilker Park on September 23rd-25th, turn on your printers, get out that red pen and prepare to plan your assault on the city.

Ace’s Two Cents: As a whole, Day One looks the most appealing, as the gives you a to catch and > MOFRO > , plus you’ll see the and to close it out.

Although, the prospect of > > > > > Oasis? > another set of WSP does seem masterfully appealing.

Either way, fun times ahead in the state of Tejas.

Last year’s looked like a fantastic time. If you want to see some awesome photos from those shows, click here.

And stay tuned for media releases from last year’s Festival…this, from the July ACL newsletter: “The CD and releases from the 2004 Festival hit stores August 30th, featuring highlights from 2004 including , , , , , Shelby Lynne, , , and much more. We’ll be sure to tell you how to get yours and relive the of ’04. Stay tuned for more.”

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