was greeted an extremely unique final day for their Baker’s Dozen run that is finishing up tonight.

The Mayor’s Office issued an official proclamation declaring that today was Day in !

How incredible! I also really dug this little poster they got up as well…


Here’s the full text of the Phish Day proclamation thanks to this trusty Reddit user:

Whereas: ’s phenomenal cultural offerings are as diverse as our more than 8.5 million residents, and our city has long attracted acclaimed musical acts from around the world – but only a few of them show up trampolines. This summer, the ingenious rock band Phish returned to the greatest city on for its unprecedented and much-anticipated Baker’s Dozen residency at Garden. For the past two weeks, waves of euphoric concertgoers from the five boroughs and far beyond have flocked to this iconic venue with doughnut-shaped in hand to get their glaze on at this exciting series of 13 shows. Each of which features complimentary donuts and songs inspired by a different flavor theme. As the curtain rises on the closing night of this extraordinary run, I pleased to recognize Phish for its tremendous contribution to ’s dynamic scene.

Whereas: Founded in , Vermont in 1983, Phish has gone on to release 15 studio albums and countless releases and achieve major arena and dominance., attracting legions of devout phans who can’t get enough of ’s mesmerizing concert experiences, epic, improvised jams, and innovative tunes that fuse a variety of genres including funk, jazz, blues, folk, country, psychedelic rock, and more. New York has played a key role in the storied career of Phish, whose includes , , and . The group began cultivating a following here in the late 1980’s through its performances at downtown clubs, and it made its Garden debut in December 1994. Every fan knows that the MSG Concert on December 31st. 1995 is hailed as one of the top five Phish shows of all time, beginning a beloved tradition of New Year’s residencies. Tonight marks ’s 52nd appearance at and its 102nd performance in New York City – which some of its members call home.

Whereas: In addition to enhancing the world of music, Phish gives back to the communities in which it tours across the country by supporting a variety of local charitable causes and music education programs through its . Tonight, as vibrantly dressed gather at MSG to bounce around the room and await the Reprise, I applaud everyone associated with presenting this spectacular Baker’s Dozen residency that has added to the strength of our city’s economic and cultural landscapes, and I commend the gifted members of Phish for their efforts to enrich the soundtrack of our lives and unite New Yorkers and people of all backgrounds through the power of music.

therefore, I, Bill De Blasio, Mayor of the City of New York, do hereby proclaim Sunday, August 6, 2017 in the city of New York as: “Phish Day”

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