Listen, it’s not that I’m a fan or anything–I just tend to take notice when an artist collapses.


Ashlee Simpson collapsed following a performance in Tokyo yesterday (Dec. 15) and has been hospitalized. The 21-year-old singer had just performed her single, “Boyfriend” for MTV Japan, when she told the audience she felt sick. She then collapsed in an elevator and was rushed by ambulance to a hospital.

Can you imagine attending something like this? I can’t imagine showing up after paying $50 a ticket or so and seeing your favorite artist bounce off the stage after saying “she felt sick…” Then, you read the next day that she friggin’ collapsed immediately afterwards due to exhaustion. Weird.

Anyone had this happen to them?

Katie (my better half) said she remembers seeing The Lemonheads back in their heyday and Evan Dando kept leaving the stage to puke. He kept coming back, but he had to rush to the side of the stage multiple times. Too funny.