Last night, Arcade Fire, under the moniker Les Identiks, played for around 100 lucky folks at the Breakglass studio in Montreal, Canada. Daniel Seligman who was in attendance reports via Arcade Firetube that there were several new songs debuted. Admission was free with a used CD. Seligman says “It was a mix of friends, strangers, randoms, pop volunteers. Not at all an industry thing. Art installations, costumes, party vibe, songs were great! No video, no photo, no phone policy. According to AFT, there were two new members onstage each playing percussion. Of the new songs, a 7-8 minute tune opened the show and there was heavy use of the rhythm/percussion section with one slow song and one punk-rock tune. Arcade Fire was perhaps testing out songs for their fourth album slated for release in late 2013. Here’s the poster and a photo of Breakglass Studios right before the band played.

Official Poster from 12/1/12. Les Identiks a.k.a. Arcade Fire. Photo from AFT
Breakglass Studios 12/1/12, Photo from AFT

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