Arcade Fire is (likely) playing in Brooklyn this week as The Reflektors

the reflektors in brooklyn

It’s CMJ Week in New York City and there’s already something buzzing that will likely take the attention off the conference and the new crop of indie bands looking to influence the influencers. Arcade Fire Tube was the first to notice that posters have been cropping up around the city for The Reflektors publicizing two shows in Brooklyn this weekend on 10/18 and 10/19. This new band, as you may not have heard of yet, is actually Arcade Fire, and this is all part of their big subversive promo cycle for their new album, Reflektor. Supposedly the band’s management has confirmed this will be happening, but no word on where they’re playing yet.

In case you missed it, watch their 30-minute TV special that aired after Saturday Night Live a few weeks back called Here Comes the Night Time. Must-see stuff.

UPDATE: this was definitely confirmed and it’s happening. Follow along to for more.