Watch Arcade Fire debut “Creature Comfort” live @ Primavera Sound 2017

Arcade Fire followed up their new single/video and LP announcement press blitz last week with an appearance in person at the Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona. The band played their new single “Everything Now” as well as a new track called “Creature Comfort”, something very synthy and stomp-along-able.

Check out the video below.

Wow, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new stuff. In case you missed the “Everything Now” vibe, it’s definitely got a feel like it was written during the height of 70’s era Abba. It’s easily the type of track you can toss on and listen to on repeat, and it’s unmistakably Arcade Fire in vibe as well. Throw some anthemic vocals on the top of a hard-driving low end and you’ve got yourself a winning formula. But we like the experimental side of this band and when they bring in new instruments into the mix, and these first two tracks off the new LP are pretty incredible.

There seems to be a bit of continuity in the lyrical content we’re seeing, all surrounding the Infinite Content theme they’ve cooked up for their new phase. See if you can pick it out between the two tracks.