Arcade Fire Announce London Tour Dates

Arcade Fire — the biggest indie band in the world (back in 2005) — has announced some early for 2007…

01-29 , England – St John’s Church, Smith Square
01-30 , England – St John’s Church, Smith Square
01-31 London, England – St John’s Church, Smith Square
02-01 London, England – Porchester Hall
02-02 London, England – Porchester Hall

Arcade Fire Announce Dates [Pitchfork]

“London Calling” only at the present, but I’m sure we’ll see more dates announced in the .

Here’s a question to ponder: do these guys still have it? Can they possibly follow up the success of Funeral?

I sure as s*** do not know the answer to that question.

Update: they also just announced five nights in Montreal. Five nights in Dayton, City, and Omaha surely to follow…

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