Animal Collective Sample The Grateful Dead on “Why Would I Want Sky”

Animal Collective @ Fox Theater, Oakland 5/26/09

I’m home chilling and about to watch some evening news after running some errands — yes, I’m that cool — and I’ve got the new Atlas Sound/Panda Bear collaboration called “Walkabout” cranked about as loud as my upstairs neighbor would ever allow. I dig it.

And speaking of Panda Bear, I figured it was a good time to post an Animal Collective track I was actually sitting on for a while. I think I meant to get it posted when I posted the photos from their show at the Fox Theater in Oakland but I never got around to writing too much about that show. I’m not sure why, though. I probably could have easily gushed out 1,000 words about how much that band is changing the face of music as we know it, how nobody can compare right now, how they manage to get as many good reviews as they get bad reviews, etc. etc. I’ve been totally studying this band and their sound for a few years now, and this track still totally blew me away the first time I heard it.

Animal Collective – “Why Would I Want Sky” (BBC Session) [mp3]

The song was featured pretty prominently on their last tour through the states; I’m pretty sure it made the setlist every night, including the NPR Webcast they did. And it was pretty exciting to see that the band is actually playing into all the media coverage calling them the next “Grateful Dead” by deciding to license the use of a song by the Grateful Dead, “Unbroken Chain.” I’m not sure I really even heard it when I first heard the track, nor do I really find the sample right now. Maybe I’m just paying too attentively to the front and center sounds.

At any rate, what do you guys think of this track?