Animal Collective releases Live from Bonnaroo 2013 set exclusively on Spotify

Animal Collective just released a four-song playlist from their 2013 Bonnaroo Music Festival set exclusively via Spotify. Here’s the set of songs they ran with:

  • 1. Purple Bottle
  • 2. Peacebone
  • 3. Moonjock
  • 4. Brother Sport

While I’m a little bummed we’re not able to hear their “What Would I Want Sky” version, I’m not complaining whatsoever. I was able to catch their set at Treasure Island last year and was absolutely floored (Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan, so they could basically fart on a snare drum and I’d be happy).

The “Moonjock” is crazy, though. Michael Winslow intros the song which begins their set.