And we’re back (with Phish mp3’s)

Howdy folks…

It’s officially New Year’s Eve and I thought today would be a good date to mark the official return to official posting on Live Music Blog again, not just a few posts here and there randomly as I have over the past few months. The date can seen as symbolic for some — a new beginning, a time for new resolutions — but this is actually a return to form for us and a return to what got this blog started in the first place: Phish.

Phish returned from their 2000-2002 hiatus with a show on New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Garden. They busted out “Mound,” something that they hadn’t played in years before they went on break and the show was pretty solid all around for a first-time back gig. It wasn’t without its criticism but it’d be impossible to live up to those expectations, anyway.

Phish – Mound (live, 12/31/02) [mp3]

(pause for dramatic effect)

Today is like Live Music Blog’s “Mound,” metaphorically speaking of course.

My first couple posts on the site were largely geared around the final run by the band in 2004 (our first post was July 4, 2004), and in some ways my relationship with the band still drives a lot of what happens on the site. Phish Friday, anyone? The band and I have that sort of relationship where I can probably think of a good Phish tune for any occasion with any sort of music fan. Their music was hugely wide and hugely deep is so many ways. See…I can’t help myself. Here’s one that’s pretty relevant for tonight.

Phish – After Midnight (live, 12/31/99) [mp3]

Obviously I was connected for a long time and lately I haven’t been feeling that way so much. But that’s no reason to put the site on hold for so long, it just means that musical taste has been varying in ways that I can’t possibly control or predict. I’m just into different stuff now. I just go with it. I let the music take me where it needs to take me. And it’s all inside me already, and it’s something I hope to continue to share with the public and those around me. It’s the one thing in life I can usually be optimistic about. Usually.

And with a return means new things coming your way soonish, including a nifty redesign with a super-talented web guru who’s contributed to the site in the past and a few things you’ll remember from what we were doing before (i.e. just posting random s*** we find that’s cool and somewhat related to live music maybe). We’ve got a bunch of new dudes joining the team to help out with the writing, because it’ll be sooooo much more fun that way. It’ll be a lot more interesting to read, too.

Thanks for sticking with us and hope you follow us with the changes. Have a safe New Year’s Eve!

–Justin, Editor