An Announcement from Phil Lesh RE: Grateful Dead / Debacle

Everything I’m reading is telling me who did what and who decided what with no clear answers.

On below, I’m not sure how clear this is other than “yeah, I hear you…” but it helps to explain the discourse in the band even after they’ve reconciled and whatnot. He wasn’t even in on this decision supposedly. Weird.

An Announcement from Phil Lesh:

It was brought to my attention that all of the Grateful Dead shows were taken down from right before Thanksgiving. I was not part of this decision making process and was not notified that the shows were to be pulled. I do feel that the music is the Grateful Dead’s legacy and I hope that one way or another all of it is available for those who want it . I have enjoyed using and found it invaluable during the writing of my book. I found myself being pulled back in time listening to old Grateful Dead shows while giggling with glee or feeling that ache in my heart listening to Jerry’s poetic guitar and sweet voice.

We are musicians not businessmen and have made good and bad decisions on our journey. We do love and care about our community as you helped us make the music. We could not have made this kind of music without you as you allowed us to play “without a net”. Your love, trust and patience made it possible for us to try again the next show when we couldn’t get that magic carpet off the ground. Your concerns have been heard and I am sure are being respectfully addressed.
– Phil