Bummer news for fans of the : they just announced that they’ll be taking next year off.

After 17 consecutive years the is taking a year off in 2014 with solid plans to return in 2015 at an unspecified venue. Festival organizers Tim Walther and Junipa Contento are taking this time to develop and cultivate a long-term location for the return of Festival by bringing it back home to the mid-Atlantic region, where they have proudly presented live music events for the past 18 years.

In a statement from their press team, they explain that they’re confidently returning and they’ve even encouraged fans to stop by their Facebook page to pay some respects and keep it contact ahead of their return in 18 months.

We want all of our fans to know that we are extremely grateful for all of their support, dedication and the cherished experiences we’ve had on the mountaintop and elsewhere, and to rest easy knowing that the Festival that we’ve all built together and loved for so long will return in the summer of 2015. Meanwhile, we will continue to present live music events in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

At least it’s not a hiatus announcement on a sad note; we’ll keep you posted on their return and what venue they ultimately decide on when they’re back in business.